Cathy Millage Heart Healer :

Twin Flame Partnerships

Who knew in 2010, when I started this website and all things “Cathy Millage Heart Healer” that I would be on a path of discovery that would lead me to a Twin Flame experience? Well, Spirit, obviously!  Look above at the logo I chose for the site and also for my first business cards. Why was I drawn to choose this enflamed lotus flower after searching through many, many options? What it said to me then was, as a symbol it means the fire of awakening. I knew I was on that path. It was one I wanted to help others to take.  Enlightenment!  But what I didn’t know then was that I had already been informed of my identity as a Twin Flame, chosen from the beginning of creation by my Higher Self, but my ego self didn’t have “the ears to hear it”. There is much more to tell about this as my story unfolds.

However, last January 2015 the awareness came out of nowhere (really not so!) in the form of a You Tube video made by a young (and delightful!) Spiritual catalyst by the name of Teal Swan.  I had just started following her after doing a random Google search on “swan” as a spiritual symbol of transformation which led me to a “Teal Scott Swan” video link and then I binge-watched her for five days!  

One of Teal’s weekly teaching videos from 2012 was on relationships and a second from 2013 spoke of Twin Flames. Huh? She even prefaced this video by saying that she had been prompted to make the video because she was recently being repeatedly asked about Twin Flames and Soul Mates and so, here was her response. Of course I knew what a soul mate is. I had experienced several soul mate relationships. One was with my husband of 40 years (we were married but had been living apart for almost three years at the time), two are with two friends who have been mentors and supporters for many years, and I had a fourth soul mate relationship which was a relatively three year new relationship (kinda-sorta, though I first knew of him almost half a century ago).Yes, the latter was a very strange and synchronistic relationship, with someone who had just popped into my life on the internet turning me topsy… Say, what’s that you say? A Twin Flame????

So, that was the beginning of my plunge down a totally new and unexpected Rabbit Hole!  This Odyssey and Aha! Moment discovery that I am indeed one half of an Illumined Twin Flame Partnership has been almost as life-changing and revolutionary as the experience itself. I have learned so much about myself, about the souls I encounter and mostly about Love.  And so, the journey continues and I invite you to share it with me. I call it TWIN FLAME SERENDIPITY How to Understand A Far Out Relationship Experience. But, with a caveat on the subtitle word “Relationship” because the passionate Twin Flame Soul Mates I have so far encountered say that this is not about relationship; it is a reunion and a partnership of two souls in a return to Oneness.  For me, it is a question of semantics and therefore I continue to look at my experience as a relationship with Spirit just as is my own self-love and experiences with my Higher Self. ( Thanks Solomon for jumping in with wise words as usual.) More to follow next time…